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Monday, February 21, 2011

Beer + Cheese = Happy

In addition to beer, I really like cheese. Luckily for me, my wife does too. Double luckily for me, beer and cheese are fantastic companions. Along with the sampling of the saisons last Friday, my wife and I helped ourselves to a cheese sampling from the wonderful people at Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. They have a great selection and the Strip is a great place to walk around on a weekend morning.

We picked up a half-pound of Humboldt Fog, a half-pound of young Manchego, and a small package of organic chevre. I got the Manchego for sentimentality's sake, as it was the only decent cheese available while living in Morocco for a year. The Manchego and chevre were good, with the chevre pairing nicely with the saisons, but the Humboldt Fog was out of this world. How have I not heard of this before? It's like chevre, wrapped in Camembert, with vegetable ash in the middle to give it a kick. Amazing! And perfect with saison. The next time that you are invited to a fancy gathering (especially with wine people) bring along some Humboldt Fog and a bottle of Saison DuPont and you will surely dazzle them all. You might even get some converts to the world of beer.

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